Case study on quotation management by infovibes

Case Study On
Quotation Management

Optimizing Business Processes through Unified Quotation Management and Automated Product Setup

Case Study On
Optimizing Business Processes through Unified Quotation Management

Quotation Management

Optimizing business processes by infovibes


In the UK retail sector, our client faced hurdles producing quotes and configuring new products in their ERP system. Manual handling of these tasks increased the risk of human errors and lacked efficient control measures.
To address this, we implemented solutions to streamline the quotation and product configuration processes. Our interventions aimed at reducing manual intervention, enhancing accuracy, and implementing robust control measures. As a result, our client experienced improved efficiency and minimized errors in these critical operational aspects.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges


Duplication of Systems

The existing setup involved two separate systems for capturing quotations by Sales Reps, leading to complexities and potential data discrepancies when importing into another system for procurement.


Manual Quotation Distribution

Quotations were manually distributed via email by Sales Reps to customers, a time-consuming process prone to errors, including sending incorrect quotations or missing vital details.


Manual Product Setup

After customers confirmed orders, the manual entry of product details in the SAGE ERP led to inefficiencies and a higher chance of errors. This process posed challenges in maintaining operational efficiency and accuracy.

Business Objectives

The primary goals were to establish a unified system for seamless integration of quotation-related functions. Implement an automated and centralized quotation distribution system to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Automate the product setup process to save time and minimize the likelihood of errors. Overall, streamline systems, automate processes, and introduce a centralized platform to boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Our Solution

A Comprehensive Approach


Quotation Management System

We developed a web-based application seamlessly integrated with the SAGE ERP system. This system enables various teams, including Sales Reps, Procurement, and Sales/Finance, to efficiently handle the entire quotation process. Real-time access to customer, supplier, and product information from the SAGE ERP system ensures accurate and efficient completion of quotations.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System

We implemented an EDI system as a background service, designed to automate the setup of new products in the SAGE ERP system. This automation is triggered upon the completion of quotations in the Quotation Management system. By automatically configuring new products in the ERP system, our solution streamlines the sales order placement process, leading to faster and more efficient operations.

Benefits & Results

Benefits & Results

Efficiency and Accuracy:

The Quotation Management system ensures seamless collaboration among different teams, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the quotation process.


Benefits & Results

Automated Product Setup:

The EDI system significantly reduces the manual effort required for setting up new products in the SAGE ERP system, resulting in time savings and minimizing errors.


Benefits & Results

Faster Order Placement:

Automation of product setup leads to quicker sales order placement, improving overall operational speed and responsiveness to customer demands.


Benefits & Results

Streamlined Operations:

The integrated approach streamlines business operations by centralizing key functions, reducing duplications, and promoting a unified workflow.


Final Conclusion

Our solution successfully addressed the challenges posed by the duplication of systems, manual quotation distribution, and product setup inefficiencies. By implementing a unified Quotation Management system and an automated EDI system, our client experienced improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their business operations. The streamlined processes have positioned the firm for continued success and growth in the dynamic IT consulting landscape.

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