Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services
are an Ideal Fit for:

  • Short-term projects seeking tech talent on an hourly commitment basis
  • Companies without a long-term need for specialized expertise.
  • Projects requiring the unique expertise of a consultant for a specific task or assignment.
  • Companies in pursuit of senior-level specialist consultancy or engagement on-demand.
  • Businesses seeking accelerated progress by augmenting their workforce (part-time) to manage peak workloads.

Our Consultancy Service

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Unparalleled Flexibility

Our consultancy services offer a unique approach that eliminates the need for long-term commitments from clients. We provide remote and part-time talent engagement options, ensuring a customized arrangement that aligns seamlessly with your working schedule.


Transparent and Fair Pricing

Our payment structure is straightforward and fair. You only pay for the actual hours worked, based on the agreed hourly rate of the contracted specialist. There are no hidden costs or additional expenses, allowing you to maintain full control over your budget.


Access to Exceptional Talent

Unlock the potential of accessing specialists with rare and sought-after skill sets. Our network includes senior-level experts who can quickly be engaged in consultant or part-time roles, making them an ideal fit for your specific requirements.

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Compare Models


Successful Collaboration Journey

The Process of a Successful Collaboration Journey

Phase 1: Requirement Analysis and Extensive Market Research

At the outset, we carefully gather your specific requirements and conduct comprehensive market research to identify the ideal candidate profile. Leveraging our vast talent pool of over 200,000 local tech experts and our specialized expertise, we can swiftly locate consultants with even the rarest of skills.


The Process of a Successful Collaboration Journey

Phase 2: Streamlined Interviewing Process and Precise Candidate Matching

We facilitate a structured interviewing process, bringing both parties together to discuss potential needs, job specifics, and any concerns. By meticulously screening candidates, we ensure that your valuable time is not wasted on applicants who do not meet your specific requirements.


The Process of a Successful Collaboration Journey

Phase 3: Seamless Project Initiation and Ongoing Support

Once the project is agreed upon, direct collaboration with the selected specialists commences. However, we don't just leave you to navigate the journey alone. Our dedicated Account Manager maintains regular communication with both you and the consultants, acting as a reliable intermediary and proactively addressing any ongoing issues or challenges that may arise.


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